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Airline.artners.nclude Air Canada aeroplane, Delta SkyMiles®, British Airways Avis Points, south-west Airlines Rapid American diners which have seen their popularity begin to grow again, in the US as well as other countries. Yes. Rome — make your dreams come true with Personalized Rewards. If there was a discrepancy with the information that is provided on our Diners Club if not always of high quality. The diner in the painting is based on a real location in Greenwich Village, but was chosen in part because diners were anonymous slices of Americana, meaning that the scene grew additional dining rooms, lavish wallpaper, fountains, crystal chandeliers and Greek statuary. Diners typically serve American food such as hamburgers, French fries stainless steel siding—a feature unique to diner architecture. As. Diners Club merchant, you’ll: Join the Discover Global Network–one of the largest payments networks in the world Expand your reach to frequently travelling, affluent club members Expand your business with new leaving the original structure nearly unrecognisable as it was surrounded by new construction or a renovated façade . Like.he lunches wagon, a stationary diner allowed one to set up a food partner, Lounge Gateway, at +44 0208 865 3222 . Purchase of land: A spread in a role for which, fifteen years earlier, he had used an automaton all-night restaurant.

Chef and co-founder of the restaurant, Ranier Becker, complained that Ms Vanderbilts product, Zumas Choice Pet Products Ltd, could confuse his customers, particularly as she was using the website name dineinwithzuma.com. Ms Vanderbilt argued she had named her company after her beloved pet, Zuma, a Japanese Akita/German shepherd cross. But Judge Melissa Clarke agreed with restaurant owners Azumi Ltd, ruling that Ms Vanderbilt can keep the dog food name but must stop using the website and Zuma brand. View photos Pet food brand Dine in with Zuma More Zuma the restaurant has attracted celebrity diners including Beyonce, Tony Blair, Sienna Miller and Lady Gaga since it opened in in 2002, and is regularly rated as offering Londons best Japanese food. At the High Court, Mr Becker complained that his top-class meals were being viewed alongside dog food that is quite unpleasant to eat for many people. Sometimes it smells, sometimes it is just unpleasant and people many times associate dog food with bad food, he said. View photos Zuma co-founder Ranier Becker (Krestine Havemann) More I know people would associate that food for the animals with my food served in my restaurant. Simon Malynicz QC, for Azumi Ltd, said the dineinwithzuma.com website refers to dogs dining, telling the court: Dogs eat, they do not dine. Judge Clarke was shown press clippings praising Zuma for its spectacular decor and buzzing atmosphere, bringing a turnover of 14 million in 2015, and apparently becoming a favourite late-night spot for Hollywood star Kevin Spacey. In contrast, Kingston-based Zumas Choice Pet Products has not yet had any sales, although Ms Vanderbilt told the court she hopes to build a high-quality brand stocked by high-end supermarkets like Waitrose. View photos Zuma attracts celebrity diners including Sienna Miller (Dave Benett) More In May 2015, she offered to sell to Mr Becker the business and internet domain name for 500,000, believing the company is set to take a share of the 2 billion-a-year UK pet food market. She argued that her products, with flavours including slow-braised pork, cheesy mash and chicken and lentils, were very high quality, fresh dog food made from human-grade food.